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Website Renovation

Website Renovation

For whatever reason you may want to have your existing dated older web site go through a simple website makeover or a major site renovation.

Perhaps your web site was created several years ago and it has begun to look dated. Or your original web designer did not build the project to your satisfaction. Maybe you tried to build it yourself and you ran into some trouble. If your site is even just a few years old you may not be mobile-friendly.

Whatever the reason, Tucson Web Creation is ready to exceed your expectations. Some makeovers are very affordable and simply to execute. Some clients simply don’t like the existing look and feel of their web site and want to keep most of the content already in place. In a case like this we can create a new template of graphics including navigation, headers, logo and other key elements. We then apply these elements to your existing content giving you a new and fresh look.

Other web makeovers might involve a revamp of your existing content. This might include new photos of your products of service, rewriting your text  to optimize for rankings, adding new pages or creating sliders or other graphic elements.

If you have a web site that is in need of a makeover please send us a quote form outlining your goals.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management

It’s great if you can get your web site placed in the top ten on all of the search engines for your set of keywords. Most of the time this is not the case. Using pay per click programs to supplement visitors can be cost effective. How much will it cost? This depends on the bidding competition for your words or phrases.

Some keywords & phrases cost 20 cents per click while others bid at $5 or more per click. There are a number of strategies that we use to make the process work for you. The two most popular PPC programs are Google AdWords and BingAds.

Tucson Web can help setup your program and provide maintenance from month to month. Clients that prefer to manage the program on their own enjoy our help in setting things up and advising when needed.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Hosting is required for any website online. There are lots of choices, some are as low as $5 per month. But what do you get?

Would you want to live in a one room apartment with 300 other one room apartment tenants? Overcrowded “Shared” hosting can be a nightmare.

At Tucson Web Creation we offer shared hosting but never place more than 50-80 domains on each server. For clients that have special needs a VPS or a dedicated private server may be required.

For most clients a shared account with backups, email, access to installing programs, cPanel, and support is what’s needed.

Site Design

Site Design

Tucson Web Creation is the perfect choice for those looking to build a web site from the ground up using today’s very brightest web technology.

We begin the process by taking the time to understand your product or service. Next, we perform market research to find out how internet users might find your web site. We look carefully at your set of keywords and key phrases.

We check the existing top ten web sites that rank these keywords on the big four search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL. We then take this information and begin to layout the basic framework for your project. Careful attention is given to each component: navigation, text content, graphics, look & feel, usability, scalability, page loads and more. You can view your web site in progress in a special location not available to the general public.

As the web site progresses, you will have an opportunity to direct changes, make additions and provide suggestions. Once the site is complete, we will take it “live” and submit it to the major search engines.



The WordPress platform is an excellent system to build your project. Going forward with WordPress, you can update on your own or we can help.

WordPress uses a CMS, content management system. The code is PHP using a MySQL database. To edit the site users access a secure admin page to create and edit pages, menus, plugins and more. Don’t worry, if you want us to handle the updates we can do that for you.

WordPress is used my millions of websites around the world. There are countless free and paid for themes and plugins available.

Mobile friendly responsive websites. With 1/2 of all traffic coming from mobile devices, now more than ever being mobile friendly is critical. WordPress makes that easy and cost effective.

Contact us today for a free quote on your WordPress project.



Your web design company should take the time to understand how a search engine such as Google or Bing and others rank your web site.

At Tucson Web Creation we look at all aspects SEO. We know that the #1 priority of a search engine is to return relevant results for each search. Optimizing your web site begins before the first page is built.

Investigating which web sites are already in the top ten is a good first step. How did they get there and what can we do to help get you ranked is our goal. Companies that promise top ten rankings should be avoided, there are no guarantees. It’s up to the engine as to where you will be placed.

Using solid SEO techniques such as optimized text, targeted content, incoming links and well crafted page headers are just a few of the many methods we use to get the attention of the engines and site visitors.